What small household items to add to your home ,It can make your family feel happy in an instant?

What small household items to add to your home (1)

In recent years, “light decoration and heavy decoration” has become a popular decoration style. The so-called “re-decoration” is to use decorative accessories to match the overall decoration style, pursue the perfection of details, and create a personalized and diversified living space.

In addition to starting from large sofas, coffee tables, cabinets, etc.,    “heavy decoration” sometimes adds some creative and vibrant small objects to the home, which can also bring highlights and enhance the style of home decoration.

What small household items to add to your home (1)

1, creative small ornaments

Nuo’s large home, if only furniture is filled with it, it will look a little boring, and some novel and interesting small decorations in the hallway, living room, study, etc. can add a lot of agility and charm.


2, artistic paintings or photo walls

Wall paintings can embellish the blank space and enrich the spatial hierarchy. Maybe a simple or outstanding painting can make the whole space dazzling. If you don’t want to put up paintings, you can also make a photo wall. Every photo records the footprints you have walked. Every photo is a memory.

What small household items to add to your home (1)

3, a unique floor lamp

Floor lamps are generally placed in the living room and rest area. In addition to local lighting, beautiful, stylish, simple and generous floor lamps also play a good decorative role.


4. Vigorous flowers or green plants

“If the mountain is not high, there is a fairy; if the water is not deep, there is a dragon.”, the living flowers and green plants can also bring the finishing touch to the overall home, giving the calm space more vitality and vitality , “There is a fragrance of flowers in the room, and there is green everywhere.”

5. Photo Frame

For the most literary and artistic person, there must be a wall in the home that needs to be used to hang photos. Whether it is landscape photos or personal photos, they can all be hung on the wall, and they can be placed randomly. In order to have a different feeling, even if friends visit your home, they will feel that your home is full of happiness.

What small household items to add to your home (1)

6. Children’s storage cabinet

There are essential artifacts for children at home. All the small toys are put away, and some small daily objects can be put in storage to make the house bigger and feel better.

7. Bottles and cans in the kitchen

Although it is not so convenient to use, but the European style is full of overflowing feeling.


8. Side table

Pour a cup of coffee, pour a cup of milk, with some favorite snacks, and spend an afternoon slowly by the bright window. Isn’t life infinitely beautiful?

What small household items to add to your home (1)

9. Art clock

Use colors to embellish our ordinary life like water, every day I see it will be inexplicably a little joyful


10. Children’s play station

can not only provide a place to play for the little baby at home and his friends, adults can finally free up their hands to rest, but also provide a large storage space for some of the baby’s toy books, etc.

What small household items to add to your home (1)

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