3 minutes to teach you how to choose a good bed?

3 minutes to teach you how to choose a good bed (9)

During a hundred years of life, the day is half of the time, and the night is half of it. At night, there is only one bed, which is a bed, it is something that I have in common for half of my life.

3 minutes to teach you how to choose a good bed
It can be seen that we really have to spend some thoughts in the bedroom, and the bed is even more so.

A suitable bed is the place where a beautiful dream begins. It is comfortable, warm and quiet, soothing the tired body and mind after a busy day.

Leave the Xiao Feng rustling outside the house, just sleep deeply…

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3 minutes to teach you how to choose a good bed
So when it comes to buying a bed, how should I choose? The editor will take you to find out.

The bed is the most important part of the bedroom. A suitable bed can not only relieve fatigue, but also enhance the style of the bedroom. So how can you choose a bed that suits you, and what should you pay attention to when choosing a bed?


First, check whether the bed box and headboard are separate structures. Then check whether the bed is stable. The easiest way is to shake the head of the bed. If there is no shaking or abnormal noise, then the bed is relatively stable.

3 minutes to teach you how to choose a good bed

Bed frame wholesale

How to choose a good bed?

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When inspecting the ribs, first check whether the ribs are soft and have good resilience, and whether the surface has veneer treatment.

3 minutes to teach you how to choose a good bed
Secondly, there should be no abnormal noise after lying down, and adjust whether the foot screw assembly is smooth. If it is a pneumatic platoon frame, observe whether it has a normal lifting function, and the maximum horizontal inclination should be within 45 degrees.


The material of the bed can be roughly divided into four categories: leather bed, fabric bed, metal bed and solid wood bed. You can choose the material according to your budget and personal preference, but you must choose a bed product that fits the overall decoration style of the bedroom.

The environmental protection and quality of home materials also directly affect the health of users. Therefore, when choosing, you must choose a company with brand protection, such as Huari Home.


A bed is uncomfortable, and the mattress accounts for many major reasons. However, there are many types of mattresses and different materials, so what kind of mattress is more suitable?

3 minutes to teach you how to choose a good bed  Spring mattress

The advantage of a spring mattress is that it has better bearing capacity, strong air permeability, flexibility and softness can be balanced, and the price can also meet the needs of low, medium and high consumers.

But when buying, you should also pay attention to the lining material and sewing quality of the mattress to see if the overall surface is evenly thin and smooth.

Latex mattress

The latex mattress made of latex has strong elasticity, can meet the needs of people of different weights, and can adapt to different sleeping positions. It feels very good, has strong comfort, can effectively relieve fatigue, and is the first choice for assisting lumbar spine recovery.

But it will gradually oxidize, so it is recommended not to expose it to the sun or to wash it. Moreover, latex mattresses on the market are mixed, and the price difference is huge, so you need to keep your eyes open when buying.

Foam mattress

The foam mattress is soft and lighter than other mattresses.

But the foam mattress is too soft to support the body curve in all directions. And because of its poor supporting capacity, it may collapse after a long time. But there is a slow rebound sponge, which can greatly reduce the occurrence of this kind of situation.

3 minutes to teach you how to choose a good bed
In general, although the choice of bed is troublesome, buying an inappropriate bed will not only cause the bedroom style to be unmatched, but also affect the normal rest and reduce the quality of sleep. If you are undecided in this regard, you can consult professionals. For example, the brand stores of Huari Home Furnishing have professional sales staff to answer you.

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